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TT-P-1757: Primer Coating, Alkyd Based, One Component


Description: This product is a one component, VOC compliant alkyd based primer intended primarily for use as corrosion-inhibiting primer on aluminum and aluminum alloy structures and surfaces and on substrates coated with a pretreatment coating conforming to MIL-C-8514 or DOD-P-15328.


Conformance:  This product conforms to Federal Specification TT-P-1757 REV B, Type (I or II)

Class -C       Chromate Based Corrosion-Inhibitors

Class- N       Non-Chromate Based Corrosion-Inhibitors

Color -Y       Deep Yellow

Color -T       Green (Fed-Std-595, Color # 34151)


                    TT-P-1757 (PRIMEGUARD-1757)

                    Technical Data Sheet

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