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MIL-PRF-24635: Coating Systems, Weather Resistant, Exterior Use


Description: This product is a high grade, air-dry, copolymerised silicone alkyd enamel that is the ultimate non-chalking finish coat.  It is a tough, resilient coating designed for exceptional exterior durability with superior gloss and color retention and is an ideal maintenance topcoat with good flexibility and intercoat adhesion.  It can be used on primed, smooth metal, glass reinforced plastic (GRP) wood and plastic/composite surface.


Conformance: This product conforms to MIL-PRF-24635 Type II, Revision E (the latest Revision). Conformance to previous revisions of MIL-PRF-24635 and MIL- E-24635 may be available. Contact us for details.



                     Technical Data Sheet

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