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MIL-DTL-24607: Interior, Nonflaming (Dry), Chlorinated Alkyd Resin, Semigloss Enamel


Description: The paint covered by this specification is a high solids, VOC compliant, non-flaming (dry), semi-gloss finish. It is intended for application over previously, primed or painted surfaces of ships interior metal bulkheads. The dry paint film although degraded by heat, will not spontaneously burst into flame in the event of exposure to fire. The paint is not intended to prevent the burning of wood or other combustible substrates, but will retard combustion to a limited extent.


Conformance: This product conforms to MIL-DTL-24607 Revision B (the latest Revision). This data sheet can be used for certain previous revisions of MIL-DTL-24607 or DOD-E-24607.  Please contact us for details.



                     Technical Data Sheet

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