HTR-7002: One Component, Heat Resistant, Silicone Modified Primer (Max Temp. 450 ºF)


Description: A single component, high performance, air-drying, silicone modified alkyd primer, interior/exterior finish intended for use on properly prepared metal. It withstands temperatures of 350ºF with peak to 450ºF. It cures via air or heat and it can be easily applied with brush, roller or spray to a very smooth finish.  The resultant finish is heat and weather-resistant and exhibits prolonged durability and color retention compared to conventional alkyd coatings. It is recommended for use on marine surfaces above the water line, storage tanks, machinery & equipment. It can also be used on refinery equipment, heaters, stacks, furnaces, hot piping, process vessels, and heat exchangers.


Available in Gray Color



                     Technical Data Sheet