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ACRIGUARD-2355: One Component, Modified Acrylic Semigloss Finish


Description: Acriguard-2355 is a quick dry, modified acrylic topcoat. It provides a superior semigloss finish on steel, aluminum, and fiberglass substrates. It provides good color retention, is resistant to splash of mild chemicals, and has anti-mildew properties. It is often used for shipping containers. It should be used over Simco’s epoxy, acrylic, chlorinated rubber, or vinyl primers. It is recommended to be used as a finish coat for protection of steel, aluminum, and fiberglass in moderate to harsh environments. For marine applications, use above the water-line.


Available in: White, Osha Blue, Black, Deck Gray, Signal/Fire Red, Light Yellow, and Red Brown Colors. See Color Chart.


                     Technical Data Sheet

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