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50-3: Vinyl High Load Copper Antifouling Paint


Description: A physical drying long life antifouling based on vinyl resin and a high content of cuprous oxide biocide that prevents marine growth on ships in cold water areas to subtropical ports. It prevents settlement of bacterial, shell and weed fouling for prolonged periods.  It can protect for approximately 30 months when two coats (3.0 mil. each) of the paint are applied according to Simco’s method of application with Simco’s recommended primers. It is recommended for use on fish and seafood boats, barges, ships and drilling vessels.  It should not be used on boats that are taken out of the water often, as the effectiveness of the anti-foulant decreases when removed from water. It is suitable for steel, and fiberglass substrates.

Available in: Blue, Red Brown, & Black Colors


                     Technical Data Sheet

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